Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies

Are you shipping an exotic car that needs special care? If you are a proud owner of a classic or a brand new car and you are worried about possible damages during open transportation, enclosed car transport will be the right option to choose. With the wide range of top enclosed car transport companies, you can ship the vehicle anywhere in the US.

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We have gathered some information on the topic and prepared this helpful guide on the advantages of enclosed transportation. We have also prepared a list of the best 25 enclosed car shipping companies so you will know more about the companies you receive quotes from after requesting a quote at Compare the Carrier.

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Top 10 Enclosed Car Carrier Companies
Top of 15 Best Enclosed Auto Transport Services
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How does enclosed car shipping work?
5 Reasons to choose enclosed auto shipping over open transportation
Cheap enclosed auto shipping and available shipping discounts

Top Enclosed Car Shipping Companies

top enclosed auto transport company

At Compare the Carrier we work only with the top US car shipping companies and before we offer the company any kind of cooperation, we thoroughly check it to make sure we made the right choice.

To help you choose the company after you receive some quotes, you may follow the list below:

Reviews from customers and employees

We always check the company’s reviews from both customers and employees or ex-employees to make sure the company is as good as they say. People tend to open secrets after leaving a job and sometimes the reason for leaving can also be rather eloquent. 


Experience is an essential part of any car shipping process and we always check the company on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website to see if there were any accidents in the past few years.


The FMCSA website also gives us a unique chance to see whether the company has active insurance and how much exactly the coverage is.

Top 10 Enclosed Car Carrier Companies

If you are planning to move the vehicle in an enclosed trailer and are now checking options and searching for the best enclosed car carrier companies, let us help you with that. Sometimes, carrier companies are considered to be a better option for transportation since their cost is lower as you do not pay the broker fee and the carrier will not change the price for shipping out of a sudden.

Now let’s take a look at the top 10 Enclosed Car Carrier Companies.

top 10 enclosed car carriers companies
AutoBox Express LLC
Horseless Carriage Carriers, Inc.
Kotermak Auto Transport
Pabiko Inc
Safeport Inc
Uno Auto Transport
Shippers Inc
A Florida Direct Auto Shippers
Young’s Transport
Reliable Carriers
Want to check a list of the best auto transport brokers?

AutoBox Express LLC

This company is probably the most famous fleet owner of enclosed auto transporters located in Illinois and covering all 48 states. The drivers of AutoBox Express LLC have more than 20 years of experience in trucking and auto transport. 

The company owns around 20 enclosed auto-trailers with remote control lift gates for low clearance vehicles and most of the company’s drivers specialize in moving low clearance vehicles. Thousands of customers trust this company and get back to it when their vehicles need to be shipped again.

Horseless Carriage Carriers, Inc.

Horseless Carriage Carriers, Inc. has provided discerning automotive enthusiasts with dependable enclosed-trailer transportation for exotic vehicles since 1975. Started as a family business with one truck only, the company has now 35 trucks covering the southwest, west, and northeast coast.

Shipping and long-term storage of valuable vehicles are what the company specializes in. Their experienced drivers provide customers with a door-to-door shipment of every type of vehicle—from cars, trucks, and motorcycles to vans and military vehicles.

Kotermak Auto Transport

Founded in California in 2005, the company now has more than 12 years of experience in moving almost any kind of vehicle within California and the Midwest including Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri.

Kotermak Auto Transport offers door-to-door, dealer-to-customer, auction-to-dealer or customer, full loads, and moving solutions to any location in the continental United States. They specialize in all types of motor vehicles including luxury vehicles, passenger cars, vans, SUVs, buses, trucks, and motorcycles.

Pabiko Inc

Pabiko Inc is one more great example of a carrier company that cares about customers’ needs and loves what they do. The company was founded as a family-owned business in 2006 in Illinois. Pabiko Inc has 4 employees: 2 drivers, a dispatcher, and an accountant.

This carrier owns only two enclosed trailers (6 car haulers) and goes anywhere within all 48 states.  Even though the company doesn’t have its own website, the dispatcher of the company is available 24\7 and ready to help the customers at any time.

Ready To Get Your Quotes From Best Car Carriers Companies?

Safeport Inc

Safeport Inc is one more top-rated company specializing in enclosed transportation. The company was founded in Kentucky more than 10 years ago and since then it is one of the most popular companies in the state.

Drivers of Safeport Inc. specialize in transporting race cars with extremely low clearance (such as 0.25”). The company has 2 trailers with a lift gate: a 3 car hardside and a 6 car hardside.

Uno Auto Transport

Uno Auto Transport LLC is a well-equipped company located in Hallandale, FL. The company owns both open and enclosed trailers, has trained and professional staff. The customer support representatives are online 24/7 and are ready to offer reliable solutions to ship any kind of vehicle from any location on the East Coast to Florida or Texas.

The company has 4 trucks with three of them being hardside enclosed (two 6 car haulers with a lift gate and a 3 car hauler). Usually, this company has the lowest rate on the route so they do not have any kind of discounts except for multiple loads (shipping several vehicles from the same pick-up and to the same drop-off location).

Shippers Inc

Shippers Inc. has been in business for the last 9 years providing customers with an immaculate transportation service as they are not afraid of taking care of sometimes difficult transportation processes.

Shippers Inc usually transports vehicles for the dealerships, but can also transport cars for auctions and direct individual shippers.

Most of the time the company covers all 48 states, the only exception is some northern states like Montana and the Dakotas that drivers do not go to during wintertime.

A Florida Direct Auto Shippers

Founded in Fort Myers, FL a few years ago, Florida Direct Auto Shippers base their transport service on a dependable schedule, door-to-door service, and low rates.  The company offers coast-to-coast automobile transportation in both open and enclosed trailers. Besides that, unlike some other carrier companies, they do not require a prepayment deposit and take reservations up to 6 months in advance.

Florida Direct Auto Shippers admits that every vehicle is a very important, valuable possession, and every customer’s satisfaction is what they value. Such a great commitment to their job made this company on this list of Top 10 carrier companies.

Ready To Get Your Best Enclosed Car Shipping Quotes?

Young’s Transport

Founded in 1997 as a small, family-owned company with only a 3-car carrier, the company has grown a lot since that time and now they own a few open and one enclosed trailer.

The drivers, the company hires have combined experience of over 5o years and are ready to help you ship any kind of vehicle.

For the convenience of the customers, Young’s Transport supports online payments and offers a bunch of discounts for multiple car loads, military loads, and dealerships.

Reliable Carriers

The company began with a one-car trailer more than 50 years ago. Since then, the company has grown a lot, but the goal of the company remained the same: to transport a vehicle to any location the client needs with an unparalleled level of care and an untouchable degree of professionalism.

Nowadays, the company covers all 48 states and even goes to Canada working with dealerships, private individuals, auctions, and so on.

Besides that, unlike any other company, Reliable Carriers offer GPS satellite tracking.  

Top 15 Best Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Just like carrier companies, broker companies also have their advantages. When you are looking for a carrier all by yourself, you need to look through all the Internet, then call carriers and check if they are going your route. When you choose a broker, we do the entire job for you: find a perfect carrier going your route within your dates, make sure insurance is active.

A good broker company can also advise you what kind of trailer to choose for safer transportation. Besides that, a broker company can have a large database of experienced drivers.

Let’s take a closer look at the 15 Top Best Broker Companies.

15 best enclosed car shipping brokers
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
Sherpa Auto Transport
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
Movewheels Auto Transport
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
Corsia Logistics
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
True Carrier
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
Nationwide United Auto Transport
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
Moverjet Logistics
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
Nexus Auto Transport
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
GetCarrier LLC
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
RoadRunner Auto Transport
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
Intercity Lines Inc.
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
Number 1 Auto Transport
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
A1 Auto Transport
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
Easy Auto Ship
favorite Top 25 Enclosed Car Shipping Companies 5
Ship a Car Direct
Hard to choose a company? Start comparing shipping rates!

Sherpa Auto Transport

sherpa auto transport

Founded in 2017 in Charlotte, NC the company has quickly become one of the most popular auto shipping companies. The main focus of the company has always been unparalleled customer service through professional communication and transparent pricing.

Even though open transportation is more popular, Sherpa auto transport contracts with both open and enclosed carriers, and before finalizing the deal with the drivers always make sure that the drivers have active insurance.

Movewheels Auto Transport

BWT group "movewheels auto transport"

Based in Green Cove Springs, FL, MoveWheels Auto Transport Company has been in the shipping industry for more than 10 years. Since that time, it has developed a lot and now is one of the top 15 companies in the US.

Over the years, the company gathered enough information and now has its own database of drivers, where the shipping agent can check the history of the driver, whether they happened to have any issues with him in the past or not.

Movewheels Company also has a database of enclosed carriers who can provide customers with top-notch door-to-door service.

Besides that, shipping agents can help you schedule and ship the vehicle overseas (including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Europe).


amerifreight car shipping

AmeriFreight is also a popular shipping company offering both open and enclosed transportation and providing door-to-door delivery within all 50 states.

The company does not require any upfront deposit and provides the biggest number of discounts to senior citizens, first responders, military active, return customers, and students.

Besides that, the company also offers extra insurance coverage. In case the damage was not covered by the carrier’s insurance, it will be covered by extra third-party insurance at no extra cost to the customer.    

Corsia Logistics

corsia logistics auto transport

Corsia Logistics is a small, family-owned company that was established a few years ago. The company’s team of logistics experts provides a personal touch and careful consideration of customers’ needs and budgets.

The owners of the company used to work for a large transportation company, but decided to start their own business where they can offer people affordable service and friendly talk with no pushy calls and without a large company feel.

The company now works both with individual shippers and dealerships and transports the vehicle both in open and enclosed trailers.

True Carrier

true carrier llc car shipping

True Carrier is a relatively young company in comparison to other companies on this list.  Based in Tampa, FL, the company covers all 50 states and can even set the international transportation. Some of the drivers the company works with can offer expedited delivery and door-to-door service when it is possible.

To suit every customer’s budget, Truecarrier works both with open and enclosed carriers and as well as a few other companies on the list, it doesn’t require any payment at the time of booking.

TrueCarrier customer support service is available 24/7.

Nationwide United Auto Transport

nationwide united auto transport

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Nationwide United Auto Transport has created a team of highly dedicated professionals ready to assist and help customers with vehicle transport services including open and enclosed car shipping and shipping almost any kind of vehicle.

The company owns both their own open car haulers and also collaborates with other open and enclosed car carrier companies, which makes it possible to transport the cars over all 50 states.

The goal of the Nationwide United Auto Transport is very simple, and though sometimes it may be difficult to fulfill it, the company has been doing its best so far: make vehicle transport as fast, safe, and reliable as possible.

Moverjet Auto Transport

moverjet auto transport

Founded a decade ago, Moverjet Auto Transport has thousands of positive reviews and 5 stars on websites like Transport Review and TrustPilot.

As well as TrueCarrier, Moverjet charges nothing at the time of booking. The payment is divided into 2 parts: the partial deposit is due after the car gets loaded on the trailer and then the remaining balance is paid to the driver at the delivery location.

Moverjet is very honest and transparent in pricing and customers only get top-notch service and convenience.

Nexus Auto Transport

nexus auto transport

The Chicago-based company, Nexus Auto Transport is said to be the most reliable transport company in the US.

The company understands that enclosed car transport should guarantee damage-free service. So for the enclosed car transporter services, the company hand-picks only the best and most qualified drivers. Not only do they have extensive professional experience, but they are also specifically trained to handle exotic and antique cars, taking the utmost care with the meticulous details.

Besides that, just like Reliable Carriers, Nexus Auto Transport also offers 24/7 accurate vehicle tracking through their website. For that, you just need to enter your order number or name and email address to get the information on the vehicle’s location.

GetCarrier LLC

getcarrier auto transport

Delaware-based, GetCarrier is a good example of a broker company with perfect reviews. If your last shipping experience was not good and you promised yourself you would never do that again but now you understand that driving is not an option, you should give GetCarrier a chance.

The company’s focus is to have a great relationship with each side of the deal: customers and drivers. And GetCarrier shipping agents do their best to deliver a 100% positive experience for both sides.

The Getcarier team values long-term partnerships, so customer care makes the whole shipping process go step by step making sure you know all the details, because.

The company also works out a mutually beneficial agreement that would last months or years to come by offering a number of discounts (for regular customers and of course dealers).

RoadRunner Auto Transport

roadrunner auto transport llc

Founded more than 30 years ago, RoadRunner auto transport has been striving to provide the highest level of vehicle shipping service since the very first day. With experienced personnel throughout all aspects of the company, the shipping company offers the most seamless experience at every turn.

The company offers both open and enclosed car shipping and can transport any kind of vehicle. Professional shipping agents help to assist with the planning of the shipment and provide the customers with all the details. Besides that, RoadRunner also offers online tracking of the shipment.

The goal of the RoadRunner Auto Transport is to make the relocation of your vehicle as fast, safe, and cost-effective as possible. And almost 8000 positive reviews prove that the company succeeds at implementing the goal.

Intercity Lines Inc

intercitylines inc enclosed car shipping

Intercity Lines Inc is an enclosed car carrier and broker that was established in 1980. Since then it has been offering first-rate service in enclosed transportation.

The enclosed transport drivers the company works with are the best in business and have decades of experience shipping different types of vehicles from some very rare antique vehicles to exotic show cars.

The company covers the mainland states and is happy that the main focus of their company has been followed so far. The company keeps striving to provide the highest standard of safety and service available in the enclosed auto transport industry.

Number 1 Auto Transport

number 1 auto transport - best enclosed car shipping

Number 1 Auto Transport is among the most reliable nationwide car transport service companies. The company specializes in transporting all types of vehicles — cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, RVs, and more.

Number 1 Auto Transport believes that your business will succeed if you do right by your customer. This mindset has been handed down by the owners of the company, backed by extensive experience in all aspects of the auto transport services industry.

Every Number 1 Auto Transport driver is thoroughly checked, has a clean driving record, and is registered and fully insured according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). 

Besides that, the professional team pays special attention to the specific car shipping needs.

A1 Auto Transport

a1 auto transport - enclosed car transportation

A-1 Auto Transport is another large US shipping company. They have offices and storage facilities located in major cities and metro areas throughout the U.S and also overseas.

The company’s staff always makes sure you get the service you request at a price that fits your budget. The shipping managers of the company are dedicated to providing you with all the information needed, doing their best to leave a positive impact.

A-1 Auto Transport can ship almost any kind of vehicle from a regular sedan to some oversize cargo. And of course, the shipping agents will be happy to provide you with a quote for enclosed transportation if needed and find the best carrier company for you.

Easy Auto Ship

easy auto ship - best enclosed car transportation

Even though this company is relatively young, it already has 4.3 out of 5 stars on customer reviews. And it’s not strange at all, since Easy Auto Ship doesn’t make you choose between low prices and fast transportation service. This shipping company has some of the cheapest rates and quickest turnaround times in the transportation industry.

The average quote for enclosed shipping with Easy Auto Ship is usually 5-10% lower than its competitors. Besides that, it also offers extra insurance of $100 000 from the company’s side, so in case the vehicle is damaged, Easy Auto Ship makes sure you have additional insurance coverage.

Ship a Car Direct

ship a car direct - top enclosed auto transport

Ship a Car Direct is mostly popular because of its top-notch insurance guarantee, which means the company will pay up to $500 toward your deductible in case the carrier’s insurance company rejects your claim. At the same time, the price for shipping a vehicle is average.

Besides a great insurance offer, the company has 4.8 out of 5 stars in customer reviews, which is really awesome for such an industry as car transportation.

As for the enclosed vehicle transportation, the company checks the carrier twice before assigning him to a particular order. So no driver with a long history of accidents or unprofessionalism will be assigned to your order by Ship a Car Direct.

Haven’t found a company that matches you? You can check other our top 25 best car shipping companies, or if you are ready to start your shipping process, go and get your quotes from professional auto transport services you can trust here.

How Much Does Enclosed Car Shipping Cost?

Factors Affecting Enclosed Transportation Rates

Shipping cost is rather flexible due to different factors and can vary a lot. If you have ever shipped the vehicle before you probably know most of the main factors:

– mileage;

– the size of the vehicle;

– season and flexibility of shipping dates;

– remoteness of the pickup and drop-off locations.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.  

How much enclosed car shipping cost, main factors that effects price


The most important factor that affects the final price is mileage. The longer it is, the more you will have to pay, since the cost for shipping the car for 100 miles cannot be the same as for shipping for 1000 miles.

Size of the vehicle

The second factor that also plays an important role in cost formation is the size of the vehicle you want to transport. Shipping a midsize sedan is always cheaper than shipping SUV or van, for example. because the larger the vehicle is the more space it takes on the trailer and instead of moving 2 sedans, the driver can transport only one pickup SUV, for example.

Season & Flexibility in dates

Season and flexibility in dates also play a great role in price formation. For example, shipping a car just before the winter holidays will cost you quite a lot since it is the high season for moving. Shipping from northern states with severe weather conditions will also cost more in winter since only a few drivers are ready to go there and they always ask for extra payment for this job. In this case, flexible shipping dates may help you save something.

The popularity of the route

The popularity of the pickup and drop-off locations also affects the price. If you live in a large metropolitan area, the driver can pick up or deliver your vehicle right from and to your door and it won’t cause any additional shipping costs. But if your pick-up or delivery locations are small cities located far away from the main highway, your car will probably be the only car going the same way and the driver will have to change his route and go the extra miles. It will make the price go higher, but you can try to avoid that by meeting the driver in a big city nearby.

Based on these factors and all the small details that should be checked and negotiated before shipping the vehicle in an enclosed trailer, we advise you to request a quote far in advance and book shipping at least 1-2 weeks before the first available pick-up date. It will give you enough time to think over the details and get the best deal for enclosed shipping.

Average Enclosed Auto Transport Rates

Vehicle Type

Less Than 500 Miles

500-1000 Miles

1000-1600 Miles

1600-2400 Miles

More Than 2400 Miles


$1.5-1.8 per mile

$1.3-1.6 per mile

$1-1.3 per mile

$0.9-1.2 per mile

$0.6-0.9 per mile


$1.9 per mile

$1.7-1.9 per mile

$1.4-1.7 per mile

$1.1-1.5 per mile

$0.9-1.2 per mile

Pickup Truck

$2.5 per mile

$2-2.5 per mile

$1.5-2 per mile

$1.5 per mile

$1.2-1.5 per mile

*please note these are only average shipping rate, to get exact ones click the button bellow

How Does Enclosed Car Shipping Work?

enclosed car shipping how it works

We understand that your vehicle is your treasure and it often has significant financial or sentimental value. The car may be an investment or a collection of memories, for example, if it’s a vehicle your family-owned for years. 

To help you ensure your precious vehicle remains in perfect condition during the whole transportation process, we work only with the best US shipping companies.

You can be sure that whatever company you choose after requesting a quote at Compare the Carrier, your car will be fully protected from any damages and it will be handled with maximum care.

Get your quote

At Compare the Carrier you only need to provide a small piece of information, including estimated date of shipping, pick-up, and delivery locations, year, make and model of the vehicle, and your name and email or phone number to send you the quote.

Our system then will check the companies’ availability on your route, their rate, cost for shipping and offer you a few best options. You will have companies’ details and can get in touch with them to get more information to help you choose the one.

Book your order

After you book an order with a specific company, shipping agents will check the drivers, negotiate the deal with one of them and assign him to your order. Right after that, you will receive the driver’s details and a day or two before the pick-up (and then, before delivery as well) he will call you to negotiate the exact time.

How does the payment work?

The payment process with enclosed car hauling companies may work in 3 different ways and it all depends on the company you choose and its policy:

– the whole payment may be charged at the time of booking or after the driver is assigned. In case you need to cancel the order far in advance, the funds will be returned, but if you cancel the order only a few days before the pickup date, a cancellation fee will be applied;

– the payment can also be divided into 2 parts: a partial deposit (usually $200-300) is charged after the driver is assigned to your order and then the remaining balance you pay to the driver at the drop off location with cash or certified funds;

– and the last way of payment is when you pay the total amount at the delivery address with cash or certified funds. Sometimes, drivers can also accept Zelle or CashApp payments.

Important! Bill of Lading

Please note, that when the driver comes to pick up the car, he should make an inspection of the car and provide you with a signed copy of the Bill of Lading.

Once he delivers your vehicle and loads it off the trailer, you should also check the vehicle and sign the Bill of Lading. In case there are any damages, you write them down in the Bill of Lading. After that, you can contact your shipping agent and they will help you submit a claim to the Insurance Company of the Carrier.

5 Reasons To Choose Enclosed Auto Shipping Over Open Transportation

The highest degree of car protection

The enclosed transportation service offers the highest degree of security and protection for your car. The vehicle is sealed from adverse weather conditions, rocks, and other flying road objects during the whole transportation process.

The vehicle is hidden from curious eyes

Besides that, the vehicle will also be hidden from curious eyes at the truck stops and the enclosed trailer prevents any unwanted passersby from giving access to it or damaging the vehicle. This is especially important if your vehicle is more of an investment than a way of transport.

White-glove service

White-glove service is another advantage of enclosed transportation since enclosed car shipping companies hire only experienced drivers. They are rather well-versed with antique, exotic, or just high-value vehicles, which means that your car will receive a greater degree of care.

High insurance coverage

High insurance coverage also comes alongside the enclosed shipping service and that is one of the reasons why it is more expensive than open transportation. Common insurance coverage starts from $100 000 per car on the trailer, while for enclosed transportation it can be up to $300 000 per car.

Special lifting equipment

Enclosed trailers are very well equipped and one of their most important advantages is a hydraulic lift gate or special extended long ramps. It makes the process of loading vehicles with low ground clearance very easy and damage-free. Sometimes, a hydraulic liftgate is the only possible way for loading vehicles like race and sports cars.

Based on this article

Cheap Enclosed Auto Shipping & Available Shipping Discounts

Car shipping companies usually offer a bunch of discounts, which may vary from company to company. Usually, the discounts are the following:

– military discount: for people active in the military;

– multiple load discount: for people shipping several vehicles on the same route and at the same time;

– regular customer discount: for customers that are shipping vehicles from time to time;

– business discount: for dealers, body shops, and other businesses;

– students discount: for college and university students.  

To help you save some money on enclosed transportation you can also try to change the shipping dates, especially if the vehicle is going on the popular route during the snowbird season.   


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