Difference Between Carrier And Broker

When you first encounter transporting your vehicle, you may begin to wonder who is a Carrier and a Broker and what a difference between those two. We`ll try to explain that in our short article.

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auto transport carrier companies and vehicle shipping brokers

Carriers own and operate a few trailers on particular routes and in most cases they only schedule shipments through brokers, as they do not have enough staff to work with customers directly. 

Usually, auto transport carrier companies have a few drivers and dispatchers.

The car shipping broker companies we work with have a large database of reliable carriers going different routes. In most cases, brokers can offer you a lower rate because they have some carrier companies competing for transportation of your vehicle. 

Brokers also verify the USDOT authority and federal licenses of the carrier company transporting your vehicle. A broker is an expert in the transportation industry and will guarantee that your car is shipped by an experienced and what is more important, by an insured carrier.

difference between auto transport carrier and car shipping broker

Brokers Pros & Cons


Large database of experienced drivers;
Can find a carrier within a few hours;
Can advise you what kind of trailer to choose;
Schedule the driver within your time frame;
Always make sure that driver is insured and licensed.

Besides the carrier payment, you have to pay the broker fee as well.

Carrier’s Pros & Cons


The payment may be lower as you do not pay the broker fee.

Limited amount of trailers available;
Usually have only one type of trailer: open or enclosed;
Do not have a wide range of dates available.

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