How To Transport A Car From Dealer

Delivery of a car from a dealer center is of interest both for people who decide to purchase a new or used car in it, and for the dealers themselves, who strive to provide their customers with a full range of services and the maximum level of comfort.

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How to Transport a Car from the Dealer

At first glance, it seems that there are no particular difficulties here and the process is no different from the usual transportation of a car within one state or between states, but in reality, everything is not so. After all, here, in fact, the owner of the car cannot provide full control over the transportation process and, in fact, the organizational activities of transporting car from dealer are assigned to him (in cases when the car transportation service is ordered by a non-dealer center). How to be in such a situation? What is important to take care of? And who can be trusted with the transportation of a new car? You can read about this and more in our article.

When choosing a company that can be entrusted with the transportation of such a value as a car, you need to pay attention to many aspects: the availability of insurance, the availability of a license, etc. At the same time, the choice of a company is far from all that a car owner or dealer will have to think about, who seeks to fulfill their obligations to the client in full. We have prepared for you a number of tips that will allow you to transport a car from dealer without unnecessary nerves.

How does transportation of a car from the dealer work?
What methods of transporting cars for dealerships are used?
Tips for shipping your car from a dealership
How much does transporting cars for dealerships cost?
Top 5 Dealer shipping companies

How Does Transportation Of A Car From The Dealer Work?

Ordering a car delivery service from a dealership, and not driving a car from one state to another, is an excellent solution that has a lot of advantages. Here are some reasons you should consider car shipping instead of driving it back yourself:

reasons you should consider car carrier instead of driving it back yourself
Avoid Putting Miles on Your Car
Avoid Extra Maintenance
Avoid Risk of Damage
Save Money on Gas
Save Time

In order to be able to appreciate all the advantages of transporting cars, you need to take the following steps:

step-by-step guide How does transporting a car from a dealer work

Step 1: Choose a Car Shipping Company

This is the most important and responsible stage. It is important that the company provides a guaranteed reputation and guarantee not only the security and safety of the vehicles but also the observance of the promised deadlines. When choosing car delivery dealers, the customer should pay attention to the following points:

– availability of insurance;

– reviews of people who have already used the services of the company and evaluate the quality of its work;

– the possibility of delivery to the desired point (some companies provide delivery to a specific point and do not take into account the individual wishes of the owner of the vehicle);

– the quality of the cars used by the company;

– driver experience;

– availability of a license;

– price for a service like shipping car from dealership.

Step 2: Select Your Shipping Method

This can be transportation in open vehicle transporters or transportation of cars in enclosed car haulers. If we compare open and covered car carriers, then the latter definitely has more advantages. These include: a higher level of vehicle stability, which is achieved by securely fixing the car in the car transporter; the presence of enhanced protection for expensive cars; a higher level of vehicle protection from road debris, adverse weather conditions. However, enclosed car carriers are not without a disadvantage. An important and significant disadvantage is the higher cost of transportation. On average, the price rises by 500-2000 dollars for delivery. That is why enclosed transportation is usually chosen for expensive rare cars.

Step 3: Coordinate Between Dealership and Shipping Company

It is important to establish communication between the dealer and the carrier company. This will avoid mistakes, misunderstandings, etc.

Step 4: Schedule Drop-Off Date

The next step is to agree on a date. There is a nuance here – it is important to determine a convenient date for both the dealer, the transport company, and the customer.

What Methods Of Transporting Cars For Dealerships Are Used?

This question is quite complex. It all depends on what kind of delivery, we are talking about:

If the car arrives from abroad

then it will not be possible to simply load it into a car transporter and deliver it to the dealership, bypassing the border. Here transportation is carried out by many types of transport. 

To begin with, the machine is placed on a cargo ship. Ships can be sent to the largest ports in different parts of the country, including Los Angeles (California), Long Beach (California), Charleston (South Carolina), Miami (Florida) and Norfolk (Virginia) and others.

Further, after all the formalities are settled, the cars from the warehouses in these ports are already sent to dealerships. Transportation can be carried out by trains or car carriers. The second option is used to transport cars over relatively short distances;

If the car is delivered between states or within the same state

then, as a rule, transportation by car hauler is used. They are of enclosed and open type (they select a car based on the number of cars that needs to be transported in one flight, the value of the car, etc.). 

For example, for enclosed car transportation, the following types of vehicles can be used:

Single-level closed trailer for one car,
5-6 car enclosed carrier,
2-3 car enclosed trailer,
soft-side covered carrier,
oversize enclosed trailer.

Tips For Shipping Your Car From A Dealership

To ensure that the delivery of the car from the dealership does not become a cause of stress, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to solving this problem. We have prepared for you a list of tips that will help you organize this process:

list of tips that will help you organize Shipping Your Car From A Dealership
Check the car you are buying personally or ask someone you trust. If you decide that only a specialist can see the car and check it and your knowledge is not enough for this, then you should find a person who provides services of this nature and provides services for checking a car before buying for a fee.
Make sure your vehicle is not oversized. This is relevant when the question of buying a tractor is raised. There is nothing wrong with this, just the carrier must be warned in advance.
It is necessary to approach the choice of the carrier as responsibly as possible and settle this issue with the dealer. It is important that the dealer agrees on how and which third-party company will deliver the car. There is another important point here – it is important that the dealer is loyal in terms of choosing the time for picking up a car from the center. Sometimes, dealers provide their own dealer auto transport.

How Much Does Transporting Cars For Dealerships Cost?

The cost of transporting cars for dealerships is formed depending on several factors. These include:

How Much Does Transporting Cars For Dealerships Cost
type of the shipped car;
the distance between the points of loading and unloading the vehicle. There is a point here, the price per mile for short distances is slightly higher than the price for transporting a car for long distances. Thus, the average cost of delivering a car to a dealership is 1.50 cents per mile for distances up to 500 miles and about $0.70 per mile for rough terrain;
the number of vehicles that are transported in one flight. The more cars will be transported in a car transporter, the lower the price will be. Also, transport companies willingly give discounts for the transportation of several cars;
the weight and size of your machine. The larger and heavier you need to transport the car, the higher the price of such a service will be;
time of year. If you’re shipping your car in the summertime peak moving season, you can expect to pay about $200 more than you otherwise would during the spring, summer, or fall, thanks to higher demand;
wishes of the owner regarding the body of the car transporter. To transport a car in an enclosed auto transport or in an open one – everyone decides for himself. After all, in fact, the question is only in the aesthetic component.

Top 5 Dealer Shipping Companies

getcarrier Houston San Antonio And Dallas TX Auto Transport

#1. GetCarrier

It is not at all surprising that this company is in the TOP-5 of the best road carriers. It is distinguished by: high quality of services, competitive pricing policy, high level of professionalism of employees, starting from managers who accompany the client at the stage of creating an application, and ending with drivers, on whom the safety of the car and compliance with the terms of transportation directly depend. Therefore, ordering transport cars for dealerships from this company would be a great idea.

Moverjet Logistics LLC  Houston San Antonio And Dallas TX Auto Transport

#2. MoverJet Logistics

MoverJet Logistics – is about: no prepayment when ordering a service; a high level of service; support 24/7 etc. The company provides transportation of different types of cars, as it has a huge fleet of vehicles.

True Carriers Houston San Antonio And Dallas TX auto transport

#3. TrueCarrier

The company has been providing car transportation services for several years. It boasts transparent pricing, no prepayment when ordering services, a high level of service, and punctuality of drivers. When ordering services from this company, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly, without unnecessary nerves.

Montway Auto transport

#4. Montway Auto Transport

The company provides a wide range of services in the field of road transport. The company has been serving clients and corporations of all sizes for over 15 years. Montway Auto Transport – it is synonymous with honesty, high quality service, innovation and ease of operation.

AmeriFreight 2 How To Transport A Car From Dealer 16

#5. AmeriFreight

The company has been present in the transport services market for more than 18 years. Over the years of her work, she managed to meet the expectations of a huge number of car owners who needed such a service as transport cars for dealerships. The company strives to provide the most comfortable cooperation for each client. At the same time, it guarantees compliance with the deadlines and the safety of the car during transportation.


Should I ship car from dealership open or enclosed?

It all depends on your desire, financial capabilities, and features of the car. If you do not want to spend extra money and a little dirt on the car after delivery, you can not overpay and choose an open car transport.

How much does it cost to ship a car from a dealership?

The price is not fixed and depends on: the selected company, the distance between the center and the point of unloading the car, the type of car, etc.

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