Best East Coast Auto Transport Companies of 2022

Whether you’re a car dealer or intend to ship your car to and from the east coast, you need the service of experienced auto transport companies that specialize exclusively in that area to make the move an easy one for you.

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Moving your automobile to and from the east coast is quite simple when you know the process involved. However, if it’s your first time shipping a car or you’re still unfamiliar with the process.

Not to worry, this article will guide you step by step through the process of how it works, the cost of shipping, and the papers you need when shipping a car to the east coast. Keep reading to learn more about east coast auto transport.

How does East Coast auto transport work?
How much does East Coast vehicle shipping cost?
Top East Coast Auto Transport companies
What papers do you need when shipping to the East Coast?

How Does East Coast Auto Transport Work?

Shipping your vehicle to and from the east coast requires a specific process. Not every auto transport company is experienced in interstate shipping, though many companies claim to be. That is why you need to find a reputable auto transport company experienced in east coast auto shipping. Here is a step-by-step guide on how East coast auto transport works.

How Does East Coast Auto Transport Work
Schedule A Car Shipment Online And Get An Instant Quote
To find a reputable auto company, go online and read reviews about the customer’s opinions of each company on various forums. It can help you to know about the company’s capabilities and reliability. 
Ask for quotes from these companies and make comparisons to help you decide on the right one. Select your vehicle’s make, model, and year. Choose between open and enclosed auto transport, and for a reminder, enter your destination, desired pickup date, location, and timeframe. 
If you have a wider pickup window, you’ll likely get lower-priced options because there will be more carriers available. A small pickup window means fewer trucks will have a route through your area resulting in more extensive transport options.
Vehicle Pick-Up And The Journey Begins
A carrier would be assigned to your shipment, and they will start responding to your listings 1- 5 days before your first available pickup date, depending on your shipping distance. Ensure your carrier has high ratings, an up-to-date insurance license, and a violation-free license with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). 
To ensure the safe delivery of your car, you should prepare it properly for shipment, organize an inspection of your vehicle, and put down all the information about the current state of your car in a car inspection report. 
Generally, vehicles are conveyed on larger trucks in an enclosed carrier or open-bed trailer. Most companies will require you to pay some part of the agreed price in advance, with the balance to be given on satisfactory delivery.
Delivery At Drop-Off Location
Before the driver takes off, you’ll receive a tracking number to track your shipment per time. Upon arrival, your car will be carefully offloaded. You and the driver will perform a final inspection for any damage, after which you sign off the bill of lading. Then, the driver hands over the keys, and boom, you’re done!

How Much Does East Coast Vehicle Shipping Cost?

The cost of east coast car shipping ranges from $1200 to $5000 depending on your vehicle’s size, weight, and locations (pickup and drop off) minus any additional fees. For instance, with an open carrier, east coast auto transport costs range from 0.40 to 0.50 per mile based on the current fuel price at shipment. 

So a 4000 mile will cost at least $1600. In comparison, an enclosed auto transport will cost about $2.00 per mile, almost twice the cost of an open carrier. This is because an enclosed option provides more safety and protection during transit than an open carrier.

Overall, the following factors can shape the cost of east coast car transport:

How Much Does East Coast Vehicle Shipping Cost
Season Of The Year
The cost of east coast car transport varies according to season. Expect to pay more if you’re shipping in the summer or early January. In contrast, shipping in winter can be budget-friendly because of the low demand for shipping services. However, bear in mind that your delivery date will take longer than average due to the weather.
Shipping a car to and from the eastern coast can take several days or weeks, depending on your agreement with the auto company. If you need your car as soon as possible, rush services attract a hike in price than flexible services.
Transport Options
While searching for a reputable east coast car shipping company, you’re likely to choose between these options: an open or enclosed car-hauler auto transport. Both carriers have their respective pros and cons, but the value of the car in question informs your choice. 
If you’re shipping an exotic or vintage car, you’ll most likely choose an enclosed carrier for extra protection because of the car’s nature and value. Whereas, for an older or used vehicle, the open auto carrier can serve.
The Location Of Pickup And Delivery
Your pickup and delivery locations are a significant price determinant in east coast car shipping. For example, shipping to and from urban regions is cheaper than shipping to rural regions, especially if it’s door-to-door shipping. 
Moreover, two methods can influence the cost of shipping your car: a door-to-door and a terminal-to-terminal option. While the door-to-door option makes for more convenience, it comes at a higher price than the alternative.
Size And Weight Of Your Car
Another factor that shapes the cost of shipping is the size and weight of your car. The size of your vehicle is essential in shipping because of the limited space on the trailer, which limits the number of vehicles it can carry. For an oversized car, you’ll have to pay more.
Furthermore, the weight of your vehicle is also essential, adding to the shipping cost. If you have an oversized car, the trailer will become heavy and consume more gas because of its weight, increasing your cost.
The Current Price Of Fuel
Shipping your vehicle in a recession when the fuel price is higher than normal will affect the price of car shipping, causing you to pay more.

Top East Coast Auto Transport Companies

Among the top best east coast auto transport companies outlined in this article, we’ll recommend the following three.

True Carrier east coast auto transport

1. True Carrier Auto Transport

True Carrier is a leading provider of auto transport services. Our top priority is to transport your vehicle in the fastest and safest manner possible. We are a leading automobile transport company for the growing market of internet auto sales.

moverjetlogistics east coast Auto Transport

2. Moverjet Logistics Auto Transport

Moverjet Logistics LLC provides quality auto transport services to people moving their vehicles to and from the eastern coast of the United States. Moverjet Logistics ships over 15,000 vehicles annually, making us one of the largest auto transport companies in the States.

getcarrier east coast Auto Transport

3. Get Carrier Auto Transport

Get Carrier is an auto transport company leading the industry in car shipping by providing you with fast, honest, and reliable nationwide service. Unlike many car companies, Get carrier is a fully insured, licensed, and bonded carrier.

Top 5 East Coast Auto Transport Companies

Top 5 East Coast Auto Transport Companies

Ratings (over 5.0)

Mercury Auto Transport


Get Carrier Auto Transport


True Carrier Auto Transport


Mover Jet Logistics




Other relevant information to look out for in the top east coast auto transport companies include:

Cost: For shipping to and from the East Coast, professional auto transport companies offer an online quotation and affordable pricing.
Superior client`s reviews: Make sure that previous customers’ reviews are positive.
Transport Alternatives: Trustworthy auto shipping companies provide a variety of options, including open, enclosed, and flatbed trailers. They can also transport antique cars, SUVs, motorbikes, yachts, and trucks.
Valid license and insurance: Verify your carrier’s proof of insurance license and a violation-free incense from FMCSA.  Also, make sure they meet all of the state’s requirements for operating as a commercial carrier.

What Papers Do You Need
When Shipping To The East Coast?

Sending your shipment to and from the eastern coast requires multiple documents. Before you entrust the work of transporting your car to an auto company, ensure that you have certain things ready. You must have all the necessary documentation for your car and ensure that all insurance, taxes, registration, and ownership papers are clear.

What Papers Do You Need When Shipping To The East Coast
1. Commercial Invoice
This is a vital document that initiates the shipping paperwork procedure. It is a proof of transaction receipt between a buyer and a seller. It displays the cargo value of the vehicle you want to transport and functions as your freight passport and customs clearance.
The commercial invoice must include the buyer’s and seller’s names and addresses, a thorough description of the vehicle, the country of manufacture, and the vehicle’s HS code.
2. Shipper’s Letter of Instruction
This is a document prepared by the shipper that instructs the freight forwarder on how to properly transport the package. It includes all shipment information and permits the carrier to convey the cargo in accordance with the shipper’s particular instructions.
When preparing for shipping, include pertinent information such as the vehicle’s description, the shipper’s name and address, the consignee’s name and address, and the cargo’s destination (which may differ from the consignee’s address).
3. Bill of Lading
The bill of lading, which serves as a contract between you and the carrier, is a legal record that certifies the carriage agreement, the receipt of the goods, and the transfer of ownership. Included in the information are the shipper and consignee addresses, the contents of the package, the name of the carrier, and the payer of the carrier. Different types of BOLs include; ocean BOL for sea freight, a trucker’s BOL (Freight bill) for over-the-road shipments, and an air waybill for air freight shipments.
4. Packing List
It is a legal document that provides a detailed summary of what you’re shipping, how much of it, and where it is going. It helps you differentiate and verify your vehicle from others on board. The packing list details include several units, weight, measurement, value, dimensions, and details on shipping marks.
5. Certificate of Origin
The certificate of origin also known as a bill of sale is a legal document that proves your vehicle’s manufacture in a particular country. Its relevance is dependent on the destination.

While shipping your car using an auto company is safer and more affordable than driving it yourself. Understanding the auto company’s shipping policies before selection helps you to identify “too good to be real” shipping quotes. 

Most auto companies that do this have hidden charges or use the cheapest truck rental services with low or no quality care for your car. Therefore, reputable companies like True carrier, Moverjet logistics, and Getcarrier offer quality car shipping services.

Finally, don’t forget to ask each company about the benefit deals they offer so you can take advantage of the price discount.


How Do I Calculate Shipping Quotes?

You’ll have to provide us with your pickup and dropoff locations, the transport method of your choice (open or enclosed), and details of your vehicle such as year, make and model, and for big vehicles, you also need to provide the weight, length, and height of the vehicle.

Can I Pack Things In My Vehicle?

Yes, you may ship your automobile with items inside, although many companies prefer you don’t since there is a risk of theft and items are not protected by the carrier’s cargo insurance.

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