Michigan Car Shipping: who can be trusted?

The car transportation service is in demand among those who are engaged in the resale of cars, who simply decided to buy or sell their car, or who had an accident and need qualified help from a specialist who lives near Michigan. Of course, you can try to get out of the situation on your own, but it is better not to do this and turn to those who provide these services on a professional basis. But who can you trust with the safety of your car, your own comfort and restful sleep? In this article, we will try to answer this question.

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Michigan Car Shipping

In this article, we will focus on the specifics of shipping vehicles in Michigan. We have collected a lot of useful information about the rules, tariffs, and the most reliable auto carriers in this state. After all, we are well aware that it will take a lot of time to overtake the car, but this is not the most important thing.

More importantly, during a long trip, natural wear of parts occurs, and tire wear (and sometimes the trip is simply impossible due to the fact that the car is out of order). Car transportation allows you to forget about all such worries: the car is safe, under round-the-clock control, and in the most favorable conditions.

Shipping a vehicle to and from Michigan at a glance
How does Michigan car shipping work?
How much does Michigan vehicle shipping cost?
Top 5 Michigan auto transport companies
What documents do you need when shipping to Michigan?

Shipping A Car To And From Michigan At A Glance

Shipping A Car To And From Michigan At A Glance

Michigan is a state in the northeastern United States. Its territory is washed by four of the five Great Lakes of America, due to which it is called the “Great Lakes State”. Michigan is a real paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. There are more than 10 thousand lakes of different sizes, many rivers, and waterfalls. Incredibly beautiful landscapes, hundreds of kilometers of scenic trails, excellent conditions for surfing, canoeing, and fishing at any time of the year – all this attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world to Michigan.

It will be of interest to lovers of Victorian architecture, connoisseurs of historical monuments, and anyone who wants to know the real America of the Midwest. That is why, the situation when you need to transport a car to it or, on the contrary, take it out of the state is not rare. Someone moves to this picturesque corner of the country, someone came for a couple of weeks and faced a car breakdown and had to stay longer. One way or another, the issue of transporting a car is relevant for this state.

How Does Michigan Auto Transport Work?

When you need to send a car to another state or even cross country, or vice versa, you have moved to and want your “iron horse” to come to you, you only need to take a few steps. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our step-by-step guide to delivering cars to Michigan or from this state to any other corner of the country.

step-by-step guide to delivering cars to Michigan
First, you need to choose a company that will deliver your car to your destination. Not only the price of the issue is important here, but also the reputation of the company and the terms of delivery. Proximity is important: Michigan is a fairly large state, so you need to make sure that the place you plan to send your car to is close to the place you plan to move to or visit. Most Michigan trucking companies offer a map or a list of locations when you book a trucking service so you can plan ahead.
After – you need to book the services of the selected carrier. This can usually be done online or over the phone, so you don’t have to waste your precious time visiting the office.
Next, you need to prepare the documents necessary to send the car. This is especially true in cases where Michigan will not be the final destination.
Schedule a vehicle inspection to get an opinion from your mechanic on its condition. This can help you decide if he makes it to his destination unharmed. Prepare your car shipping ahead of time: If you are planning for a Michigan auto transport during the winter months, then it is important to fully prep your car to deal with the harsh winter conditions. This means filling it up with fluids, prepping your vehicle with snow chains, and making sure that you can drive your vehicle in Michigan’s ever-changing weather conditions.
At the appointed time, hand over the car, documents, and keys to the truck driver of the carrier company.

And that’s it! Nothing more is required of you. It’s worth noting that some companies offer a handy tracking option so you can track where your car is currently in transit. This is extremely convenient.

There are four main ways for Michigan auto transport cross country or between states:

Terminal-to-Terminal Michigan Car Shipping

You drop your car off at a terminal, from where a carrier picks it up and delivers it to a terminal closest to the location you’re going to.

Door-to-Door Michigan Auto Transport

The car is picked up from a location of your choosing and dropped off where you need it sent. It is the most convenient option of auto transport in Michigan.

Terminal-to-Door Car Shipping MI

You drop off the car at a terminal, and the carrier delivers it to a location of your choosing.

Door-to-Terminal Transportation

You choose the pickup location and the car is delivered to a terminal closest to your intended destination.

There are various advantages and disadvantages with each option, so you should discuss them in depth with your auto transport company.

How Much Does Michigan Vehicle Shipping Cost?

How much does Michigan vehicle shipping cost

You should understand that prices can fluctuate significantly, as they are formed depending on a large number of factors, including:

Distance is the most important factor. It is one thing when you move your car within one state, and quite another when it comes to transporting a car from one state to another. The price is calculated by multiplying the average fare per mile by the distance.
The type of vehicle that will be transporting the car. For oversized or exclusive vintage vehicles, rates may be higher. In addition, it is important not to forget that the weight of the vehicle is also important to consider. The higher the weight, the more expensive the shipping cost for the customer. Enclosed trailers are designed to handle low-ground clearance vehicles and are equipped with hydraulic lift gates, so cars remain completely horizontal during the loading and unloading process.
Season. During peak seasons (holidays and summer months), road carriers always usually increase the cost of their services.
Weather. In case of bad weather, carriers will have to provide additional protection for your car, which also increases the price.
Type of car delivery, which we wrote about above.

Top 5 Michigan Auto Transport Companies

getcarrier Houston San Antonio And Dallas TX Auto Transport

#1. GetCarrier

The company has an impeccable reputation and boasts extensive experience in the delivery of almost all types of vehicles. The cars are delivered within the agreed time, with integrity. It is also convenient that the service can be ordered online in just a couple of clicks. You do not have to look for time to come to the office and agree on all the details in a personal meeting.

Moverjet Logistics LLC  Houston San Antonio And Dallas TX Auto Transport

#2. MoverJet Logistics

This carrier offers its services throughout the United States, including Michigan. It has a good reputation in the transport services market and boasts such advantages as: no prepayment when booking a car transportation service, a high level of service, the use of high-tech software, 24/7 work.

True Carriers Houston San Antonio And Dallas TX auto transport

#3. TrueCarrier

The company has established itself well in the market of services for the transportation of cars, motorcycles, boats, etc. A huge number of reviews indicates that it can be trusted and that it really does a good job with the tasks assigned to it. The company’s fleet is simply huge, so it will not be difficult to find a car that can transport your car at any time convenient for you from one point to another. The advantages of working with it are: transparent pricing, no prepayment, and good service.

RoadRunner Auto Transport

#4. RoadRunner Auto Transport

The company has been on the market for over 30 years. With experienced staff in all areas of the company, it can ensure the timely and safe delivery of any make and model of car at an affordable price.

SGT Auto Transport

#5. SGT Auto Transport

For people who strive for maximum comfort and want to ensure everything will go smoothly, contacting this particular company would be a good idea. The company has a good rating, and is distinguished by reliability (does all the work on time), affordable prices for services, responsibility, and more.

What Documents Do You Need When Shipping To Michigan?

It is vital to have all the necessary paperwork when transporting a car from Michigan. Proper documentation will ensure no delays in the shipping process and ensure that you have a smooth and seamless experience. Several types of documents are needed when shipping a car to or from Michigan. These include:

What Documents Do You Need When Shipping To Michigan

Bill Of Lading

A bill of lading is a contract between the carrier and the cargo owner, and it acts as a receipt for a shipment that has been loaded on board the carrier’s vehicle. It contains crucial information such as the names of the consignor and consignee, type of cargo, and weight.

Insurance Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions regarding your insurance coverage for your vehicle. Note that you must purchase liability insurance under the FMCSA. Your shipping agent will help you obtain this document. Insurance is not a mandatory document.

Absent Owner Authorization

If a person other than you is picking up your vehicle from transport, you must sign this form to authorize them. A car transport company can supply an absent owner authorization form.

Title and Registration

You must bring these documents with you when dropping off or picking up your vehicle from transport. Scan them and email them to your transporter beforehand if you have them at hand.

Lienholder Authorization

The lienholder authorization is a document that your vehicle owner obtains from the bank or lender to confirm the permission for transportation. The paper should be faxed to your auto transport company and contain a bank manager’s signature.

We hope that the information about car transporters Michigan provided by us was useful for you, you learned a lot of new things for yourself in the field of car transportation, and decided who should be entrusted with the transportation of your “iron horse”. Compare the Carrier it’s a project created to help compare shipping quotes from the best auto transport companies and save your time and money.


Will my carrier provide on-road insurance for my vehicle?

It all depends on which company and under what conditions cooperation will be carried out. Many auto transport companies Michigan offer this option.

What Goes into the Cost of Shipping My Vehicle?

The price of transporting a car varies from a huge number of factors, including the distance between points “A” and “B”, the type of vehicle that is needed to transport a car, seasonality, etc. The agreed price includes everything that may be needed to complete the task for the transport company.

Can I File a Complaint Against a Car Shipper in Michigan?

Transport complaints made against commercial trucking companies are handled by the Michigan State Police. Complaints about Michigan vehicle transport should be made to them via email. The police will investigate your transport complaint, and try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. You can also file a complaint with the transport company with which you have entered into an agreement.

How long does vehicle shipping to/from Michigan take?

Short distances, such as those under 200 miles, take on average up to a couple of days. If the distance is longer, for example, 2000 miles or more, auto shipping to/from Michigan takes up to 9 days. Several factors can affect how long car transport to/from Michigan takes. Factors such as the weather, road construction, traffic, detours, seasonality, driver’s hours, and distance can affect vehicle transport to/from MI. It is also worth noting that different companies set different delivery times, so if you need to deliver the car urgently, you should carefully study the offers on the transport market.

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