How To Ship A Car From Manheim?

Buying a car at the Manheim auction is a great solution for anyone who wants to buy a good car at an affordable price, while spending a minimum of nerves and time. Having bought a sedan or wagon, expensive or cheap, with a large engine capacity or a small engine capacity, the question arises: “Who to entrust the delivery of the car?” After all, many cars, despite the fact that they are in better condition than cars that are purchased at other auctions, still cannot be driven by the new owner on their own and require repair.

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How To Ship A Car From Manheim

Buying a car is always a significant event for every person. Everyone wants the “iron horse” to reach its destination safe. Of course, not new cars are sold at the auction, but this does not mean that a couple of extra scratches or dents do not matter to the owner. That is why, when choosing a carrier, you should be extremely careful.

In addition, when transporting cars that have been in an accident or have been in operation for many years, you should be extremely careful, because the risk of damage during Manheim transportation increases significantly. In this article, we will talk about the Manheim auction, the pricing policy for car transportation and the documents that are needed to organize this process. And we have collected Top 5 Shipping Companies To Ship A Car From Manheim.

Manheim auto auction
How to ship a car from Manheim auction?
How Manheim car transport costs?
Top 5 Shipping Companies to ship a car from Manheim
What documents needed for Manheim transportation?

Manheim Auto Auction

cars on Manheim auction

Manheim Auto Auction is a world-class auction that began its work back in 1945. Held in Atlanta, Georgia, but his team works throughout the country. The scale of the company is amazing: its team has over 18,000 people across the country, revenues each year amounts to billions of dollars, and the number of sales is several million cars annually. This auction is an example of what you can achieve just by following your dream, because it all started with a team of 5 people and selling several cars in a year.

Manheim Auto Auction is not just an auction where you can buy a used car, it is a platform that is as user-friendly as possible. Throughout the years of its existence, the company has been relentlessly developing and today it offers customers not only a convenient website with a clear and simple interface, but also a large number of cars. Today it also includes a network of private stores, online platforms for selling cars, mobile applications and others only. The auction has several features:

the cars presented on it undergo multiple checks and each of them has a report on the technical condition. When buying a car, you can be sure that there will be no “surprises”. If working with other auctions is about finding a balance between the price of the lot and not overly expensive repairs, at Mannheim you will buy a car in near-perfect condition online;
cars are more expensive. This option is suitable for those for whom it is psychologically more comfortable to buy an undamaged car that has not been in an accident, even if it is more expensive. In addition, it saves time – let the delivery take the same time, you do not have to spend another month on repairs – and that’s great;
the company specializes mainly in wholesale sales. The high credibility of the company determines that the majority of its clients are wholesalers who have their own auctions.

How To Ship A Car From Manheim Auction?

Delivery of the car can be carried out by a carrier company chosen by the owner of the car. Also, the transportation process can be organized directly by the auction. In this case, the following algorithm should be followed:

How To Ship A Car From Manheim Auction
Get a quote online.
If you proceed, transport will be added to your vehicle invoice. If you have already paid your invoice, a new invoice will be raised for the transport.
Once the invoice for the car and transport have been paid and cleared by cashiers, the auction will place a booking with one of our suppliers.
You will receive a booking confirmation email with a booking reference and estimated transit time or delivery date.
The carrier will contact you prior to delivery, to confirm your availability.
Your vehicle will be delivered by one of our trusted transport suppliers.

If the owner does not want to contact the representatives of the auction due to the fact that they usually offer higher prices for the transportation of the vehicle, you should choose a company that provides transportation services. When choosing a company, it is important to focus on: whether the carrier has a license, reputation in the transport services market, the level of qualification of employees, etc. There are many nuances and, of course, the pricing policy of the company is one of them. It is worth noting that although the price is important, it is not the key, because the safety of transportation and the safety of the car are most important. After the company is selected, it is necessary to settle all issues related to paperwork. Next, it is already necessary to agree on the date when the car can be picked up.

How Manheim Car Transport Costs?

The price of transporting a car from an auction and the price of transporting a car just between the states are completely different things. The higher cost of transportation services is explained by the following:

How Manheim car transport costs
Vehicles up for auction require more attention to ensure safe transportation. A higher fee may be charged for organizing the process – here we are talking about the fact that very often cars are not even started, and some of their parts can be transported separately (if the car is after an accident, etc.).

Pricing of ship a car from Manheim is also affected by:

seasonal fluctuations in demand for car transportation;
whether the carrier company has insurance;
type of transportation. The machine can be transported on an open platform or in enclosed transport;
the number of vehicles being transported. For wholesale customers, the price will be lower;
distance from the place of receipt of the car to the point of its unloading;
dimensions and weight of the car;
overall pricing policy of the company. If the company is registered in a small city, then most likely its prices will be lower than those of competitors from “more significant” cities.

Top 5 Shipping Companies
To Ship A Car From Manheim

The Carrier — Compare the Carrier it’s a project created to help compare shipping quotes from the best auto transport companies and save your time and money. Below is a list of the best companies to transport a car from an auction.

getcarrier  Auto Transport

#1. GetCarrier

The company has established itself well in the market for the provision of transport services. Customers love it for: quality service (drivers are true professionals who know all the nuances of loading a car and transporting it, and managers are always ready to answer all questions), punctuality, affordable prices, etc. For wholesale customers, the company offers more favorable delivery terms.

Moverjet Logistics LLC  Auto Transport

#2. MoverJet Logistics

You should order a service from this transport company for the following reasons: there is no prepayment when placing an order, its employees comply with the agreed deadlines, the company provides round-the-clock support, different types of Manheim car transport etc.

True Carriers  auto transport

#3. TrueCarrier

Reviews about the work of the company, which can be found in open sources, indicate that the company can be trusted. Among its advantages, one can note: reasonable prices for all types of transportation, no prepayment when ordering a service, work throughout the country, a high level of service and more.

Move Car Auto Transport

#4. Move Car Auto Transport

J&S Transportation has 20+ years of experience in the field of auto shipping. You won’t be disappointed by their service as they are pros in their job. The best thing about them is that they have the highest insurance standards.

National Express Auto Transport

#5. National Express Auto Transport

The company offers different types of transportation of vehicles. Often, open trailers are used to deliver cars from an auction, but the company also has closed vans for transporting cars (the customer can choose the best option for himself). The company has proven itself well in the market and therefore it can be trusted.

What Documents Needed For
Manheim Transportation?

After the auction is completed, it is necessary to issue documents for its transportation. We are talking about concluding an agreement with a transport company, issuing a power of attorney to receive a car, etc. It is also important to think over everything related to insurance – if the transport company does not cover the full cost of the car, you should insure the car yourself, because different things can happen during transportation.


How much does it cost to transport a car from an auction to a customer?

The price is formed based on a large number of factors, including: distance, point of departure and point of arrival of the car, the weight of the car, dimensions, condition of the car, etc.

How long does it take to deliver a car from an auction?

Everything is individual and depends on where you need to pick up the car and where it needs to be delivered. Also important are factors such as: the number of cars that need to be delivered, weather conditions, etc.

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