Best Jet Skis, PWC & Small Boats Transport In 2023

Personal watercrafts fall under the category of powered vessels. Therefore, the rules and regulations of powerboats also apply to PWCs. Personal Watercraft tend to be more robust than ordinary powerboats. Thus they offer more fun.

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Best Jet Skis, PWC & Small Boats Transport Service

Jet ski or PWC transport becomes an issue, especially when you live away from the water bodies. To have all the fun of summer on the water, you will need to transport your jet ski. In this situation, you need a professional personal watercraft shipping company to do all the paperwork for you and safely transport the jet ski to and from different states.

In case you moving some big boat or yacht check this boat hauling guide.

What is personal watercraft shipping?
How does personal watercraft shipping work?
How much do PWC, jet skis, and small boats transport cost?
What to pay attention to when shipping personal watercraft?

What Is Personal Watercraft Shipping?

Small boat transport

The need for personal watercraft shipping arises when the summer approaches and you live away from lakes and seas. Small boat transport can be done by using a trailer, but it is feasible for smaller distances only. For transferring jet skis and PWCs from one state to another, you will need professional shipping service.

By choosing professional jet ski shipping companies, you can rest assured about the protection and safety of your personal watercraft. You can transport your jet ski either by crate, container, or trailer.

You need to give complete detail of the make and model number of your jet ski. The other requirements include, but are not limited to, an insurance form, a hull number, an information sheet for boat shipping, and a statement indicating the vessel is fully paid.

The requirements may seem exhaustive to you if you are shipping a PCW for the first time, but they are pretty straightforward.

How Does Personal Watercraft Shipping Work?

How Does Small Boats Transportation Work

Transporting a jet ski is a straightforward four-step process. If you have everything prepared, you will not feel any difficulty in the shipment process. Here is how personal watercraft shipping works.

Step 1: Get the Quote from a Watercraft Shipping Company

You definitely need to request a quote from the shipping company before booking them. Make sure you include the correct details about the watercraft, especially the pickup and delivery location, to get the most accurate quotes. Most companies send quotes instantly via your email or phone number.

Step 2: Book the Order

Once you agree with the offer, book the order. Here comes the most crucial step; you need to prepare all the documents. The paperwork is necessary to ensure the smooth shipping of your watercraft. You provide all the necessary details about your watercraft in the form of a document before finalizing the order.

Step 3: Prepare Your Watercraft for Shipping

Once you come to an agreement with the shipping company, start preparing your watercraft. Remove all the unnecessary and hazardous items from it. Carefully follow the instructions your shipper provided you with.

Step 4: Watercraft Pickup

Confirm your watercraft pickup after preparing it. The shipping company will reach out to you and give you the scheduled pickup time.

Once the watercraft is picked up, you can contact the company anytime for its tracking update. Some companies have online tracking options as well.

Step 5: Receive Your Watercraft from the Final Destination

Finally, you will receive your watercraft on the other end. Receive the watercraft after completing all the document-checking formalities.

How Much Do PWC, Jet Skis
And Small Boats Transport Cost?

How Much Do PWC Jet Skis And Small Boats Transport Cost

There are a number of factors that affect the shipping cost of personal watercraft. This includes the route, truck type, urgency, and a number of other factors. The more details you provide to the shipping company, the better they will be able to get an estimate. To get the most accurate transport cost for your jet ski, you should provide, the weight of your PWC, value and make, and dimensions of the jet ski.

For an estimate, the average cost of transporting a 2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX from Texas City, TX, to Tampa, FL, in an open truck will be $1,575. This includes taxes, fuel surcharges, tolls, and insurance.

What To Pay Attention To
When Shipping Personal Watercraft?

What to Pay Attention to When Transporting Small Boats

Now that you know how watercraft shipping works, you should begin the process. However, there are some things that require your special attention. Pay heed to the following things to save your time and prevent any unfortunate incident:

Documents and Paperwork

First things first, make sure all the necessary documents required for personal watercraft shipping are in order. This includes everything that is mentioned in the previous section. You will get complete information about the required documents from the company to ship your jet ski.

Remove Hazardous Items and Empty the Water Tank

The next step will be removing all the hazardous items from the watercraft. It includes removing the objects that may get damaged during the shipping and emptying the water tank. This is especially important during winter, as the water may freeze during shipping.

Minimize the Volume

Thirdly, remove all the extras from the jet ski to minimize the volume. The volume dramatically affects the overall cost of transportation. Remove lights, windshields, propellers, and all kinds of electronics.

After preparing your personal watercraft for shipping, finalize everything with the shipping company and let the watercraft go.

Remember that personal watercraft shipping and small boat transport is a pretty straightforward process. The transport companies always have trained employees to help you if you get stuck anywhere in the process. 

Your duty is to pick a trustworthy shipping service wisely, do the necessary preparations, and transport your PCW. Your vacations will be more fun than ever.


Why do I need a PWC shipping service?

Shipping services help transport your PWCs and boats over long distances safely. Though you can transport a jet ski in a trailer, it comes with lots of risks. Therefore, it is better to leave this job to professionals so that you can enjoy your vacations without any tension.

Why is it necessary to winterize jet skis in winter for shipping?

Jet skis are designed such that they suck the water in during use to keep the engine cool. If you leave the water inside, it will freeze and expand. Resultantly it will damage the parts of the jet ski. Water can lead to corrosion buildup, which can further damage the other crucial parts of a jet ski. Therefore, you should always empty the water tank before shipping, especially if you are transporting jet ski in winter.

How can I drain water from my personal watercraft?

You can use a garden hose to get the job done. Attach it to the flush fitting. Now turn on the PWC’s engine. Start the water flow after a while. After about 3 minutes, you can turn off the water flow and engine of PWC.

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